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Jimmy Hollywood

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Neuropathy Invades Ankle Surgery

Posted by @jimmyhollywood, Oct 4, 2011

Last Thanksgiving I slipped & fell & sustained a compound ankle fracture. After the first surgery, the screws holding the wires, pins, etc. didn’t hold so they did a 2nd surgery 5 weeks later..with bigger screws. The ankle healed O.K. and I went back to work in March…but with moderate pain & discomfort in the joint. In July, I was determined to get the metal hardware removed, thus operation #3.
Unfortunately, the pain, tingling and numbness became much worse, resulting in having to use a cane, etc. and curtailing all but minimal walking. An EMG test confirmed that the diabetic neuropathy I’ve had for many years in my toes and bottom of my feet had invaded the facture area of the ankle….
Anyone else with mild neuropathy have this same or similar reaction in a post-surgery site? If so, what did you do about it? My orthopedist says I’ll probably have to end up having the ankle fused…but will this abate the neuropathy pain? Anyone have any experiences with neuropathy symptoms AFTER ankle fusion?


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