Neuropathy Autoimmune Disease

Posted by mramme @mramme, Jan 10, 2019

I have been told by Barnes hospital that my muscle and nerve biopsy came back that my body is killing the small blood vessels in my nerves causing my neuropathy.Neo Matrix Medical in Ormond Beach, Fl is using Mesynchymal Stem Cells to treat Neuropathy. They claim that they have had much success. Can anyone tell me if this is a legitament treatment for neuropathy or a hoax? I have had neuropathy for 12 years and tried every treatment that has been available. Just take drugs.

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Hi @mramme, I responded to your question in another discussion you created here:

You might want to check out the following discussion and compare different treatments others with neuropathy are using to help their symptoms. Hopefully you can post any questions you might have and other members can share what helps them.

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