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Neurogenic Bladder - Spina Bifida or MS related?

Posted by @cooper2, Nov 24, 2012

I’m needing to visit the Minnesota hospital in the near future to determine the cause of my neurogenic bladder, because simple x-rays and a physicans external exam show Spina Bifida in S5 and perhaps 3 and 4, however, I’ve also had right-sided facial and right arm tingling since 1987 (yes, 1987), but none of these problems ever proved to be more than a nusiance until almost 21 months ago when extreme bladder retention almost resulted in the loss of my kidneys, and since then I’ve been with a foley catheter.

The local urologists don’t believe it necessary for me to travel to Mayo Clinic, however, all they can offer is what I have now or the dreaded self-catherization every few hours (purgatory is probably more enjoyable – lol), and I work full-time and can’t do a sterile procedure in a dirty public restroom, so the foley is what I live with (it gets changed every 3-4 weeks), however, in addition I’ve been misjudging close distances and as a result bumping my head on a regular basis these past few years, especially when a few feet from an object (perhaps it’s just due to not wearing my reading glasses), and that resulted in another mild concussion the other day that this time took 15 hours before my thinking cleared (the first one was work related a few years ago and only took 3 hours to resolve), so I’m more concerned than ever that perhaps the bladder issue is not related to MS, because (in hindsight) the spina bifida did not seem to cause bladder problems until age 45 (and I was a weekend long-distance bicyclist for 22 years), but until neurogenic bladder was diagnosed 21 months ago I thought the occasional problems were only “average bladder issues for a middle aged man”, so I will be going to Minnesota (I’ve spoken to the Mayo Clinic urology department several times) once the Winter breaks – or sooner, and they said they will check each symptom to determine what is happening…

Any thoughts on my situation (lol)?


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