NET Stomach Discomfort

Posted by netofliver8550 @netofliver8550, Jan 19, 2021

I was recently diagnosed with NET that has traveled to my liver. I can't get in for a petscan until mid February. I am in terrible pain each time I eat and I am so tired. I am looking for possible medications that will help relieve my symptoms. I am trying to get into my local cancer doctor but would like some ideas on what medications I can ask about to help with these symptoms. Thanks!

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Hello, @netofliver8550 and welcome to Mayo Connect. I am sorry to hear about your liver NETs and stomach discomfort. Have you contacted your doctor to see if they can suggest something to help with the discomfort? Is your oncologist a NET specialist?

I would like to introduce you to some others in our discussion group who have NETs including @klpetts @theminster1 and @tkubista

If you are comfortable sharing more, I'm wondering if this is your first experience with NETs or if you have had other NETs in the past?

I hope that you will post again. In the meantime, will you contact your doctor to see if they can suggest some remedies for your stomach discomfort?

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