Nervous I might have lymphoma

Posted by mayapapaya @mayapapaya, Dec 19, 2018

Here is my story
I'm a 19/F and back in September I would get a wet congested cough where I was very wheezy and could barely breath, with no other symptoms in the middle of the night, I would wake up fine the next morning. These episodes would occur randomly throughout the week. I started lexapro in October to help my anxiety and had extreme itchiness that caused hives, thought I was allergic so I switched to prozac. My itchiness is coming back and I find random bruises on my body. I have hard nodules under my armpits, I know these are possible symptoms of lymphoma and I am worrying myself sick.

Why not go see a doctor and know for sure?


@mayapapaya Welcome to connect. How are you feeling since you posted a few weeks back? Sorry I been out of town over the holidays. So i missed answering you. You really should check with a Dr. Sounds more like you have an allergy to something. Have you started using new laundry detergent?
Let me know how you are feeling now?

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