Nerve ablation for pain post PKR

Posted by kibe75 @kibe75, Jan 23, 2019

I had a partial knee replacement 11-29-17 at the age of 42.Unfortunately, I'm still suffering from quite a bit of pain. I was on voltaren, which kept the pain tolerable but developed stomach ulcers and now can no longer take NSAIDS. I saw my surgeon last week who told me my options are to live with the pain or have my knee redone to a total replacement. I saw a physical med & rehab doctor today and we discussed a nerve ablation to try to get rid of the pain. Has anyone else done a 0rocedure like this for OA pain or continued pain after surgery? Thanks.

I had a nerve oblation for back pain in September,of last year.I have had minimal relief. But we have to remember everyone's reaction to pain is different, or so they tell me.

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