Neuropathy? Numbness on the left side of my face

Posted by timlord @timlord, Feb 9, 2018

I have numbness on the left side of my face that i have had for two years. I was treated in 2014 at Tufts Gamma Knife center for T.M. and the treatment was a success. I have seen several nuro. folks for the past two years and nobody can pinpoint my condition. My question is are there any other people out their that are experiencing similar conditions?

Hello @timlord, welcome to Mayo Connect. There is a discussion on Transverse Myelitis (TM) that might be helpful to read through:

Looking for info or someone with transverse myelitis

I’m tagging members who have posted in the discussion see if they have experienced similar conditions. @jkstrawther, @reb2011, @bettysue, @defrasier, @kglarson, @transversemyelitisalabama and @touringmn, have you had any similar conditions with TM?


Hi Tim,
I am wondering if you meant TM = transverse myelitis or TN = Trigeminal Neuralgia?

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