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Stage 4 lung cancer. Need some answers.

Posted by @1davidn, Dec 13, 2012

I was diagonised with Stage 4 lung cancer in September of 2011. I have had both chemo and radiation finishing my second round of chemo now. The PET scan shows a few small new tumors. The oncologist wants to go forward with another round of chemo. I have no problem with that.

Yet, refuses to change the stage, is that ever changed?

The oncologist also lacks hope which I think is fundamental to a recovery or longer life span. Is this normal? It puts the doctor against a spiritualist who insists there should be hope and this can be moved to remission. I’m a practical person generally, in this case, I’d rather go for the hope strategy.

Not thinking of changing doctors, though I’d prefer less of a clinician and more of a humanist.

I’d appreciate your answers to the above two questions and any other advice you’d care to share.


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