Need pulmonary doc

Posted by squire123 @squire123, May 10 10:53am

Would like a recommendation for a great pulmonary doctor who is treating problems with patients who have mycrobacterium lentiflavin. Have a good ID doc, no meds currently, but problems with bronchitis. Just preparing for the journey. I've seen different suggestions for vitamin D, saline, vests, so I definitely need a guide. I'm in Pointe Vedra Beach, so have access to Mayo and South Jax health care.

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@squire123 When I need a new doc (it happens way too often) here is my approach.

First, if a provider I like is leaving their practice, I ask them for a recommendation. Recently, my long time primary provider transitioned to a less demanding job. Before she left, she made a list of others in our network whose treatment and care philosophies were like hers, and gave me a short list. I recently met the one I chose, and found a "new doc."

When I needed a new hand surgeon after the previous one left the state, I asked my ortho (hip) surgeon and my physical therapist for recommendations – the new doc is very good at what he does, and even if his professional demeanor is quite cool, he will at least look me in the eye and answer questions. So another way.

Later, when my old pulmonologist "fired" me (long old story) I asked my ID doc. It was a great way to get a recommendation. He sent me to someone familiar with treating NTM (non-tubercular mycobacteria) and bronchiectasis, and with whom he already a good working relationship. I have been seeing her for over 3 years now.

If you are interested in visiting the Mayo clinics, a center of excellence in treating these conditions, you can contact them here:

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