Need information about clexane injection during and after pregnancy

Posted by lena @lena999, Jun 5, 2016

Hi, I was diagnosed with Anti phospho lipid syndrome two years ago while I was pregnant for the first time.I have a history of high blood pressure, DVT and pulminary embolism. I am 27 weeks pregnant now and I am currently using clexane injection (80 mg) and low dosage aspirin. My body weight is 72.2 kg now. Could you please advise whether the dosage of injection is enough and when should stop taking clexane injection and aspirin before my delivery?Also could you kindly advise how long to continue with injection after delivery? Thank you.

Hi @lena999, welcome to Connect, an online community where you can share experiences with and get advice from other patients like yourself.
I found this information aboutClexane (enoxaparin) during pregnancy However, since the questions you ask are very specific to your medical condition, I recommend you speak to your doctor or pharmacist about taking Clexane and aspirin during pregnancy and after delivery specific to your case.

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Are you being monitored closely during this pregnancy?

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