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Need help understanding what this means

Posted by @akae, Jan 12, 2012

On result sheets of my allergy scratch test:

For the most recent scratch test I had in March 2010:

There is a:

– line in the space “Negative control” which I would think means that no information can be recorded or not applicable or no reaction

– there is a value of 4+ in the Histamine space which I think means that I reacted high to something

For the allergy scratch test done in October 2009:

There is a:

– positive sign next to the Histamine Control

– VS (I assume “very sensitive”) next to Negative Control

Now I read somewhere that if you react to the “negative control” it means I reacted to just getting the pin prick and the test might not give my a good indication of what I am allergic to because my skin is sensitive.

Is that what it would means?

Was this test not a good indication of my ingestant and inhalant sensitivities even though both tests showed the same things I should potentially stay away from?

When I went to get the earlier test done in 2009, the woman doing the test used one needle and wiped it each time with a cotton swab but she poked and pulled my skin so hard that she drew blood in each section of the test. She told me she needed to make sure that I absorbed it properly. I ended up buying allergy serums from this clinic…but that is a different story.

In the second one in 2010, there was no poking, pulling or blood on my skin, it was painless process. Well, except for the itching and burning on the spots that had allergens.

If I need to get another allergy test done is it possible that I will experience what I had in 2009 and why the inconsistency in the method of determining my allergens?

Thanks for the help!


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