Need Help: Diffuse Abdominal Pain

Posted by nhughes331 @nhughes331, May 23 9:50am

No one has been able to help me and I’m at my wits end with the pain. It is daily pain that will not go away with pain relievers.

On January 20th I randomly burst out with hives all over my body, coupled with angioedema of the lips and swelling in my extremities. Soon after came right side abdominal pain, nothing crazy but was uncomfortable. I saw my PC doctor who referred me to an allergist that I have been working with for treatment of the CSU and angioedema. I’ve been on multiple different antihistamine regimens as well as prenisone during severe outbreaks.

My abdominal pain has landed me in the ER four times. I have had 4 CT scans, 3 with IV contrast, 2 X-Rays, bloodwork and everything comes back clean. No organ concerns and no elevated/abnormal lab levels. The only findings were minimal fatty liver, and enlarged spleen (14.5cm). My last CT finding finally showed diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon and my spleen was back to normal size.

The pain is diffuse, primarily right side and can be upper below rib cage, middle, lower and near my hip. It radiates to my back occasionally and sometimes is on the left side. The pain can be dull, sharp, throbbing, really depends on the day. It can be debilitating at times.

I have had a colonoscopy/endoscopy and there were no obvious findings during the scopes. I am still awaiting biopsy results that they said could take 8 weeks. The pain went away for about a week and a half after my scopes and now has come back worse than it was before. I don't know what to do anymore.

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Have you ever had any previous abdominal or pelvic surgeries?


You’ve checked your gallbladder?


Have they done a capsule endoscopy, that's how my husband's Crohns was diagnosed.


Same situation for me…3 years pain every day, Mayo tests and visits, ED visits nothing and no help, referred finally to a pain Dr, he said first visit, Splanchnic nerve. Received block, it took the pain away in the first two hours so he scheduled for the ablation, pain is now gone, however I’ve had a hx of abdominal surgeries.


Ten years ago, I had something similar. It was mainly the sharp pains but recurring in same or similar locations across my abdomen, primarily right and left side under my rib cage and also near my navel. I was treated with targeted injections of corticosteroid at the trigger points. That took care of it and it has never come back.

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