Need Help!

Posted by invitingannie @invitingannie, Jan 15, 2019

So for the past year or more I have been vomiting. Not daily and with no pattern. I went to the Gastro doctor and had several test done. I had my esophagus widened so that the food could pass for freely but no relief. I had the test done where they watch the liquid pass through to see how you digest things, and I do digest things fast because I had to take the test twice because they missed it the first time.

Here are my issues. When I eat, and there is no rhyme or reason as to anything making a difference, but from the instance I start eating I can tell if something is not digesting or going down like it is supposed to. Sometimes it happened immediately and sometimes not until about 20 minutes after I eat. Once this happens I throw up, but not all the food I ate just a portion of it. There is always a lot of what looks like to be mucus, but I am not sure if that is what it is or not. I just dont know where to turn now or what to do. I throw up probably around 3 to 5 times a week and have done. This is not the same every week some weeks I will be fine all week, and other weeks no days are fine.

Just wanting to see if anyone else has this problem or which direction I should go now?

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Have you had a four hour stomach emptying test for Gastroparesis? I have GP, and what you are describing sounds spot in. I hope you get relief and answers very soon.

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