Need Advice - Should I see a Pulmonary Specialist or get a Second Op?

Posted by jenna7033 @jenna7033, Nov 6, 2017

I am a 47 year old female, 14 year past smoker, who last year thought I was having a heart attack at work. Was rushed to ER where they did a bunch of tests, including a CT scan. Everything was normal but they said I had an 8mm pulmonary nodule and brushed it off as nothing. Said I should get a follow up scan in 1 year. After I was discharged, I realized they had me listed as a “never smoker,” and so I saw my primary, explained what happened and asked to have a follow up CT in 6 months instead. She ordered it for 3 months. Had it done, she said, nothing has changed, not to worry. No one has told me anything about the characteristics of the nodule, and because of course, I was scared, I did a little research on the internet. I requested a copy of my last scan. It doesn’t say anything about whether it is spiculated or other details, however, it does say that it’s noncalcified and located in my upper right lung. I just had another CT scan and they said it hasn’t changed in size. Should I really let this go, despite the fact that I have the 8mm nodule in my upper right lung (where I’ve read most cancers start), and another 5 mm located in my lower left lung. I’ve read that it’s more likely to be cancer if you have multiple nodules, but a low number, which I do. I’ve also read that noncalcified is more likely to be cancer. So, even though I know that 90% of nodules turn out to be nothing, and my nodule hasn’t changed in size, I’m not real confident in my doctor who doesn’t give many details or seem concerned at all. Should I get a second opinion or consult with a pulmonary doctor? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Strictly up to you but I am a former smoker with a nodule being watched by my pulmonary doctor. I want a doctor who is trained in the problem area. God be with you.


Hi @jenna7033
I agree with Jo. It is important that you have confidence in your doctor. Did you decide to get a second opinion since you last wrote on Connect? I look forward to hearing your update.

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