Lipadema, Lymphadema or something else? I need a real diagnosis

Posted by granny71 @granny71, Jul 6, 2019

I’m female 71 and Inlost 70 pounds but my thigh are really big it may be Lipadema or Lymphadema or something entirely different. Does the Mao Clinic in Arizona do testing to check both of these out and rule out other problems. I’ve been going to therapy and wrapping and doing self message, but it causing me pain . Does anyone have an answer. Than you

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@granny71 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We're glad you found us! With such a dramatic weight loss, and possible fluid retention, have you been able to get to your doctor to ask questions and have any testing done? Are there any medications you are on? Any other contributing health factors that you might share with us?


Hi @granny71 – I want to add my welcome to Ginger's @gingerw. You are going to find some great supportive friends here. Was your weight loss intentional or due to some other condition? There are lots of groups here for specific issues and if we have a little bit more information, we can help you find one that might have lots of people who could help. Are you comfortable sharing a little bit more background?


@granny71– Welcome to Mayo Connect. It sounds as if you have not been feeling well for a while. That's miserable when it's nice out. Your weight loss has me troubled and your water retention too. I suggest that you call Mayo and set up an appointment or go to the emergency room. In lieu of that have you seen or spoken to your PCP?

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