Neck and face rash

Posted by Robby1 @robby1, Jul 1, 2016

I have a long rash on the back of my neck runs down to front of my nesk on left side
How do i upload a pic

the back of my neck looks like skin Pigmentation when in on steroids but when I get off them it gets red and itchy


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How long have you had this rash? Have you seen a dermatologist?


I am trying to get to see one


I am a 70 year old male with no underlying health problems
Have had a chronic itchy neck rash for a year. My dermatologist has been unable to successfully treat it
First possible diagnosis was possible soap or shaving cream allergy . I have used both a safet razor as well as electric shaver with the same results. I also tried hypoallergenic soap and shaving creams with no results.
The second possible diagnosis was an allergy, this time treated by tapered prednisone tratmen for 12 days.
The prednisone seemed to help but on the 10th day of tratment the itching returned.
Now my doctor has advised using Triamcinolone Acetonide cream on the rash twice a day.


Hi @provlima, welcome. I moved your message to this discussion thread so that you can meet @robby1 who also wrote about an unexplained neck rash earlier this month. Robby, any update on your rash that might provide insight for Provlima?

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