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near death event

Posted by @bawhite in Digestive Health, Jul 23, 2011

I recently was discharged from the hospital with GURD+Pancreatitis+Clostridium Difficile, all at the same time. I almost died before my family could get me to the hospital. I am looking for a diet that will help me get better. I am on a bland diet, but I still have reflux and indigestion when I eat.

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Posted by @domaha62, Jul 23, 2011

Hi My suggestion to you would be to try a Metabolic Dr.


Posted by @domaha62, Jul 23, 2011

Hi Bawhite My suggestion to you would be to try and see a metabolic Dr.


Posted by @carolcofer, Aug 18, 2011

I hope your pancreatitis is under control.And that by now you are feeling better.
It has been a long five months since my acute attack. For the most part, i have learned about the best diet by a combination of reading, talking to doctors and trial and error.Our body chemistries differ, but what has worked for me is eating very little each mealtime. Keeping foods simple and bland. I have eliminated all alcohol, meats, high fat foods, high sugar foods, fried foods, spicy foods, chocolate, caffeine and gas causing foods. If my pancreas is irritated, I go on a clear liquid diet for a few days to rest the pancreas. That will usually let it simmer down. If not, I have to go on limited water and ice chips. All of this has taken some practice.It is difficult to change habits. But the alternative is massive stabbing pain that is simply not worth it. Not to mention the continued damage to the pancreas. You may want to explore the Diabetic Exchange Diet and I would advise, eat much smaller portions.

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