National Nurse's Day - Nurses Appreciation

Posted by wasletten @rocketrestauran, May 2, 2019

Hey all! I'm a nursing student and currently work over at The Loop restaurant right off first ave. On Monday, May 6th which is National Nurses Day (cheers to all you nurses) they are giving nurses 50% off their bill all day. I just thought it was neat so I thought I'd share. They also do Medical Mondays every Monday. Any one in the medical field gets 20% off their bill with their badge.
Medical staff definitely deserves a ton of appreciation and to catch a break sometimes so hopefully this helps 🙂
Happy National Nurses Day!

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Hi @rocketrestauran – Welcome to Connect and congratulations on being a nursing student. I have two granddaughters who just graduated as nurses. Can you share what town this Loop Restaurant is in? Our platform here on Connect covers the whole country and beyond. It's international. Thanks.


If it’s The Loop in Rochester, save me a slice of your pizza please!

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