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Posted by @asurfpro, Sep 25, 2012

Hey all,

This is Robert here from Holladay Utah. I hope this communique finds Each of you well. Looking for someone who has any new information/ advancements on NASH.
I have NASH and hopefully I won’t need a transplant but certainly it may come to that. Anything new on the horizon?

Kind regards,

Robert B.
Holladay, Utah


Eric Esplana

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Posted by @ericesplana, Jan 14, 2015

I’m Mr. Eric Esplana from Montreal Canada. I was diagnosed with NASH last June 2011 stage 3. Since then I had changed my lifestyle. I dont drink alcohol and I do regular exercise. I’m being moniitored by my GI every 6 months. I undergo ultrasound and fibtoscan from time. As far as I know this condition is irreversible and sooner or later this will lead to cirrhosis. So it is up to us to slow the progress of this disease
According to some hepatologist this is an very aggressive illness.

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