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Nasal MRSA

Posted by @blondie67, Feb 2, 2012

I am 66 years old and have suffered from Sinus problems since I was about 30 years old. I have had 3 sinus surgeries and still suffering. Just had surgery for correct Concha Bulosa again. The first surgery was to correct my septum. I was diganoised with Staph many years ago and treated for it and seemed to do fine. The last three years has been miserable for me. Constant sinus infections and as soon as I finished an antibotic in about three weeks it was back. Now, for over a year I have been diagnoised with MRSA and been on all the staph drugs, used the bactrim salve in my nose, used the bactrim cream with a hot destilled water nasal rinse. Was on the septra drug for over 3 months, just finished it about three weeks ago and now IT BACK. I am so distraught and the two doctors that I have visited recently just scratches their head. Has anyone else had this problem that was able to get healed from this demon. HELP PLEASE!!!


Kathy L

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Posted by @kathyl, Apr 30, 2012

I just got out of the hospital. 3rd infection. Dec, Feb, Apr. This was the worst. It consumed the left side of my face. The huge abscess was drained 3 times. 2 IV antibiiotics, 2 oral antibiotics. A facial nerve was damaged and now the left side of my mouth stares down at the floor. My 30 yo daughter, who lives in our house, spent the entire week I was in the hospital cloroxing everything in the house. We used to share everything, now nothing. I am so afraid of giving this to someone. The drs think the MRSA is in my sinuses, so tomorrow I’ll ask for an ENT appt. My daughter and I are both clean freaks! She is a grad student.


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Posted by @ginacostello, Jul 18, 2012

You need to aquire a low acidic diet

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