Narrow-band UV-B phototherapy

Posted by auntiem2 @auntiem2, Oct 1, 2019

The skin on my fingertips tends to be very dry and develop painful cracks, mostly during the colder months of the year but that can happen in warmer months, too. The moisturizers and ointments that the dermatologist recommended don’t help a lot. So she has recommended Narrow-Band UV-B phototherapy to treat the skin on my fingers. The down side is that there is a small risk of developing skin cancer, so I am hesitating to try the phototherapy. Have any of you tried phototherapy for this type of skin problem, and has it helped? Thank you.

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No, i have not. But i have been troubled by very painful fingers due to nail involvement of psoriasis. Can you use cortisone creams and ointments and prescription strength antibiotic ointments? Mupirocin is the name of the one i am prescribed. That is how i "doctor" mine. And keep your hands out of water and harsh soaps and cleansers.


My appt is next week for phototherapy
With Grover’s there is no down side . What worse treatment of something rare and unknown or tear something familiar.. ?
No choice – however something is better than nothing b try coconut oil
Keep me posted

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