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Posted by @susandowning in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 20, 2011

How do i live a life of freedom with this disease ? They say I cannot drive, yet there is no public transportation where I live so friends aND HUSBAND MUST TAKE ME EVERYWHERE

Tags: mental health


Posted by @lpnlinda, Nov 14, 2011

Sounds like you are pretty frustrated. I know once I was put on medication that I was able to do many things and my life changed immensely.


Posted by @gramateri, Jan 10, 2012

Are you seeing a sleep specialist? Have you had a sleep study (PSG) and MSLT? There are many wonderful medications out there for narcolepsy, and there is no reason you should not be able to drive or lead a useful and productive life because of narcolepsy. Look for an A.W.A.K.E. support group in your area or check out to find answers. Find a sleep specialist or if that's who you're seeing, get a different one! You can feel well again, believe me. God bless.

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