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carol young

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nana if i put anything on mine that i think will help

Posted by @carolyoung, Aug 14, 2011

nana if i put anything on mine that i think will help it it only makes it burn worse so i have learned not to put anything on them. my derotogilist gave me some cream that helps some. i had finished the pretazone for a week and started getting spots again so she put me back on it i see a specialist the 30th and hope to find somethig that will help i will stay in contact with u and let u know what they do i sure hope and pray the best for your grandaughter i know her pain my joints also hurt from this it is so depressing not to be able to live a normal life i am 50 yrs old and never dreamed of being this way was always out going and love working in my yard i can only inagine how your grandaughter feels at her age my heart goes out to her if there is anything i can do to help please let me know. have u ran into anyone els with our proublem? i live iin west virginia where do u live? im very glad to have meet you. hope we can stay in touch i also have a face book if you have one maybe we can join there also stay in touch love and hugs sent your way @nana0f1


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