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Nail psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

Posted by @jc1981, Feb 28, 2012

I had psoriasis 10 years ago and was given topical cream and I moved to the beach and it cleared up completely. Feb. 2011 I hurt my back had a ruptured disk L3 L4 about 2 months later I started breaking out with some sores all over my body. My toe nails have began to crumble and all toes are swollen and finger nails are pitting and diss colored most joints hurt all the time I had a few steroid injection in my back and it would help for a few days I would be pain free. I had a ct myleogram and it shows critical spinal stenosis in L3,L4 and L4,L5 and ruptured disk in L5 S1 I keep breaking out more and more with all the stress of not being able to work due to pain. I have a spine surgery set for March and wanted to know if it would be safe to get cut since I still have sores from all shots I received in my back.

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