N-Telopeptide Test vs DXA Test Results

Posted by leeosteo @leeosteo, Jan 24 10:30am

I'm struggling to understand what my N-telopeptide urine results mean in relation to my DXA results. Does anyone have insight? My doctor is focused on the overall outcome (taking a med), regardless of tests.

DXA: Spine -3.3, Hip -2.2, Femoral Neck -2.7, Forearm -2.4

NTX (urine) Jan 2023 80nmol/L (in 2020 was 155 nmol)
N-Telopeptide U (urine) Jan 2023 22 nmol/mmol (in 2020 24nmol)
N-Telopeptide, Cross link Serum (urine) 2/24/2020 12.1nM BCE
Creatine, u Jan 2023 41 mg/dL

Does this mean I'm not breaking down as fast (2020 to 2023) but yet my two year DXA results are slowly progressing in the wrong direction. My doctor wants to put me on Prolia to stop bone breakdown. If Prolia slows or stops bone breakdown, does this allow your body to continue build new bone?

Also, I've been really focused on my diet and exercise over the past month. Does the N-telopeptide test show what is happening with my bones over the past year, month, week?

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