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Mystery auto immune

Posted by @ginapita, Jul 3, 2012

For many years, had symptoms where doctors thought I had M.S, Fibermyalsia and Lupus, none of these conclusive. But, have been diagnosed with optic neuritis, chronic kidney disease, and now sjogrens. Trying to figure out a connections, it just seems like I have everything!



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Posted by @annetteshook, Jul 13, 2012

I was first diagnosised with neuro behcet’s, then as time went on mixed connection tissure disease. I now have seizures, trigeminal neurialgia,part of diagfram paralysis, motor nerve damage to right leg and arm, leg leg but not a severior, severe spasms all over my body mainly back and legs, STP, kidney failure, pancreatitis,ibs, headaches on the right side, lesion in my brain,fatique, option neuritis, posterior uveitis, no central vision in left eye, i am tired and can not remember all the other stuff that is wrong I need to rest now.

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