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Mystery aliment, pain during intercourse

Posted by @tiffanym, Sep 19, 2013

I have a mystery ailment that has stumped every doctor I go to see.

Background: I have been in a relationship since November 2012 with my current partner. Before him all of my partners were sexually healthy (unless they were lying which is always possible). My current partner is also clean, both parents are gynecologists so I trust him not to be lying.

In March while having sex I experienced pain. I looked using a mirror and saw a small sore inside my vagina on the left hand side where the side connects (hard to describe, couldn’t find correct term). My partner happens to bend to the left and down so I presumed we had been too rough. My current partner travels a lot for school and work and was gone from March to June so I thought nothing of it. I was a little worried so I went in and got a full work-up of tests for herpes, chlamydia, etc. (which they mis-billed and ended up costing me $400). Everything came back negative (yes I know not definitive). So my partner came back in June and the same thing happened during sex, and it became more frequent. To the point where every time we have intercourse, unless he enters from behind me and I arch my back, I become very sore in this area and am in pain.

I went to another doctor last week and explained all this and she immediately jumped to herpes. She didn’t do a swab because I didn’t currently have the “sore spot”, but she did do a visual exam and saw nothing. She ordered a herpes blood test (still have bruising from the nurse and it came back negative again) and a urine sample (I get frequent UTI’s and bacterial infections, 3-6 per year). She then told me to come back in when I get the sore (so go have sex with my partner even though I may have herpes?!). I know herpes tests are unreliable and I could still have herpes even if the blood test is coming up negative.

I tried to explain that I ONLY get the sore from sex and ONLY in one spot. It’s where two folds of skin connect in my vagina and is about the size of a pencil eraser. It looks red and is painful to the touch when it is there. It lasts about 3-5 days after sex.

Please help. Intercourse should not be painful and I don’t want to give something to my partner if it is herpes or something else.


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