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Mystery Abdominal Distention

Posted by @jgirlatlaw in Digestive Health, Feb 7, 2012

I have just about gone everywhere to try and find a diagnosis. I have been living with severe abdominal distention and pain for over a year now and no Dr. thus far has been able to tell me what's wrong. I walk around looking at least 6 months pregnant at all time and this all began after I had some plastic surgery. I am an 11 year post-op gastric bypass patient. I have had everything under the sun ruled out so I know this isn't Celiac Disease, a bacterial overgrowth, a lactose issue, a small bowel obstruction, etc. Does anyone have any insight as to what this may be? I am attaching a link to my blog which will tell you my story from the very beginning and in it's entirety if you are so inclined to read it.

Thank You


Posted by @annam64, Mar 24, 2012

I can relate! 10 years very successful post RNY...until thyroid started shutting down this past year. Past 6 months have been horrible barrage of symptoms. Also recently found small gastric fistula due to pouch erosion. Original surgeon refusing to revise because, rumor has it, he's had too many revision patients not end up well. going to Mayo Rochester on Wednesday next week. Feeling hopeful for first time in long time. I live in a rural area and it's tough to find qualified internal medicine primary care physicians. I finally found awesome endocrinologist near work who says she'll gladly work with Mayo team on follow up. I have thyroid nodules they'll be biopsying also. Hang in there!


Posted by @lisaleigh63, Jun 14, 2012

Hi sorry to hear about what has been happening. I was just wondering if you were able to get any answers from the mayo clinic. I'm hoping to get an appointment this summer. Thanks. Lisa


Posted by @jgirlatlaw, Jun 14, 2012

No, I never went to Mayo. I went to Cleveland Clinic, which was useless. I did however get an answer to my distention. I found a new plastic surgeon in my area. What he found was that I had multiple hernias going straight down the abdominal wall and my abdominal muscles had split apart and were laying off to the side. I had surgery on Apr 13 and it pretty much corrected my issue.

I also happen to deal with slow gut motility stemming from my gastric bypass. That's never going away and has to be controlled through my diet/medication. I still have minimal issues with distention that will probably never go away, but I no longer look pregnant at all times and knock on wood will never be in that state again.

Good luck with your appointment.



Posted by @annam64, Mar 24, 2012

PS since I'm also 2 years post total abdominal hysterectomy, I also grew weary of narrow minded docs who told me " it's just menopause honey. Here, have some antidepressants."

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