Myofacial pain

Posted by neezy23 @neezy23, Jul 20, 2019

I have been experiencing muscle pain above all my joints, my neck, and in my lower back since November 2018 and it has not gone away. It is super weird to me because I am only 20 years old, and can no longer play sports or workout. Now, I know a large part of the problem is because I used to lift like a madman with little to no stretching, so that is the root of the problem. However, I have participated in numerous different physical therapies, with the most success I have seen is about an 60 percent improvement for shoulder impingement. I recently went to what was probably my fourth doctor (he is a rheumatologist) and he diagnosed me with myofacial pain, although he did not feel my muscles. He told me I would have to completely change my diet and eat anti-inflammatory foods, focus on de-stressing myself through meditation and yoga, and try to not focus on discomfort, and he gave me a muscle relaxer as well. I told him I was depressed and he told me that is because I am down on myself because of what I am going through. I have no clue what to do, and am super down on myself because as a 20 year old this is devastating news. I have tried his advice for a couple days however cannot seem to de-stress. I am not sure if I should try his advice for a coupe more weeks or seek other help. Please let me know if you have any other answers or have experienced something like this.

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Good morning neezy23. Thank you for your excellent presentation of your pain symptoms and the rheumatologist's diagnosis of Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome (CMPS). Although not your youthful age, I was an avid walker/hiker who thought nothing of a 10-12 mile walk around and about. The diagnosis was devasting news for me at 74. I am now 77 and am walking again….not 10 miles…just 1-2 but I am walking.

Just like you, I did way too much inappropriately…..falling off horses, falling down mountains….breaking bones and tearing muscles.

How did I get this far back…..meditation, mindfulness, yoga and Myofascial Release therapy (MFR). Connect has a discussion about MFR at .

Please take a few minutes to read about this special modality for helping. You may also want to take a look at the Youtube video called "Strolling under the skin" which shows how the fascia wraps around our organs fluidly. Sometimes, injuries result in a compression of the fascia into very tight restrictions which are painful and can be debilitating.

If you can let me know when you are ready to take the next step, I can introduce you to other Connect MFR patients. Be safe and protected today from both inner and outer harm. Chris


@neezy23 Id like to add my welcome also to you . The description of your pain to me sounds like it maybe fibromyalgia or p.r. I think I would go to another rhermatologist and ask him to check your trigger points there are 18 in the body that can tell the Dr. along with your discussion with him if you have fibromyalgia. I had 11 or 18. If this is so you need to get on a regimen and I hope you report back as I can give you some information Ive had fibro for 30 years. I could be wrong but since you don't sound happy with the Dr. I would see someone else just my suggestion.


I would love to hear members experiences. ..I am having a medical massage and I have asked for mfr. I have heard wonderful stories, I.m not sure what to tell her. I hurt in the back and down left leg . I have the burning in the feet I would love to go away. I also heard it could help planter facilities, which I have.
I will tell everyone how it goes afterwards


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