Myasthenia Gravis

Posted by sunshine56 @sunshine56, Aug 2, 2012

I recently started taking the drug Imuran; I have had all of the adverse side effects… has any one taken Imuran and Mestinon together? If so how did the two drugs interact?

I am a myasthenia gravis pt since 2005 , but i can tell you I dont take any cortisone or corticosteroids, I dont have a thymectomy and I wouldnt have one because if tymus glands grows back it has a purpose(as long as do not grows around yor chest) I have being treated in my country for an eminece dr he also participated in the nobel price of medicine with the reatment for this condition I can give you my testimony that I have a life thanks to Faud Lechin,unfortunatly the only treatment in this country is surgery and steroids,,but beliaved me there is sooo much to learn about this,,something like nuron-trasmiters what are the role for us how they work,,type of medication you overdosed,,an much more,,I do not dissagre with Neurologist . but they have to step further to syeroid and all what they prescribe for us,,they need to go deep into parmacology and bioquemestry and see there are more medications to tread this like neostigmine that work much better than mestinon,,like dopamin,laroxil,doxepin,,and very important amino acids like thyrosine,glutamic acid, arginina..those are absorbe in an empty stomach very fast and they go rapidly to our braid…just a little of what have work for me and many many patients I know,,I have seen pts that had thymectomy recured to same syntoms thats why i dont have a thymectomy it goes beyond to have a surgery and extract the thymus glan is in our blood our blood and our nerve-system

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