Myasthenia Gravis

Posted by nelisabeth @nelisabeth, Dec 27, 2016

i do not know evidently! HO! how to mangage this site! any help will be welcome! posted my msg re: MG several days ago.
i guess i was too soon smart and too late dumb! nelisabeth

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Am i replying to mahsef? HO! nelisabeth


Hi @nelisabeth.
I can help you out.
1. I moved you message about MG that you posted a few days ago to the discussion about MG. You can find it here: and meet other members who are talking about MG.

2. Simply click REPLY to post a new message in the thread and others will get a notification that you joined the conversation.

3. Read more tips on how to use Connect here:

4. Got more questions? Send me a message

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