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My son wants to get a tattoo on his 18th birthday- does

Posted by @debe13, May 4, 2013

My son wants to get a tattoo on his 18th birthday- does anyone know if the inks used could cause any problems for him? I hate to always be the bearer of bad news but his puritis is severe and a constant enemy. His bedding, pillows, clothes get stained frequently because of the scratching due to the itching. And the bleeding is slow to stop. What if he is itchy in a tattooed spot and the ink gets into his system?



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Posted by @busyboy86, May 4, 2013

look mom, i appreciate ur concern 4 ur regards tattoo,it is always a risk factor,independent of the age of ur can create skin cancer in the long run.besides the cancer, there is always a risk of the use of non sterilized instruments, a clear cause of hepatitis nd u say, ur son suffers 4om pruritis, so in this case he ll hav 2 b more conscious nd careful….hope u r getting my point…so b4 taking ny step towards tatto,plz do think abt the risk factors nd do consult a dermatologist

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