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Hairy Cell Leukemia: My son starting chemo soon

Posted by @betz2468, Feb 27, 2012

My son Brent will be starting chemo very soon. Please pray for him that he endures the chemo well and that it throws his Hairy Cell Leukemia into remission. As his Mom, I am struggling to allow this procedure to be done to my son but know in my heart I have to try something. This leukemia can be thrown into remission with chemo for several years. I pray that will happen for my boy! I am most concerned about the treatment, how he will deal with it, etc. I will be viewing a documentary on it tomorrow. I just love it when they call and ask to talk to Mr. Petersen when he is non-verbal and functions at around 3 or 4. Then when they wanted him to view a video, I couldn’t help but think “what part of mentally challenged do they not get?” His oncologist said that he didn’t want to wait until he was in an emergency situation so we are going ahead while he is still feeling somewhat “normal”. I solicit all the prayers I can get for my Brent. He truly is a loveable “kid” who loves the life that he lives. Thanks for your prayers and support. God Bless!


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