My Role As A Mentor

Hello Forum friends! As you may know, I am filling in for Katherine as a Mentor on our forum. I will be learning things from the Moderator Group, not really sure what these things are yet. I do want to put it out there that if any of you need extra eyes to help find info about what is going on with you, I am happy to help. I enjoy looking up medical issues, even if they do not pertain to me. Some people may not be as internet savvy, or just plain don’t feel good; to look up things themselves. I have four hours a day of breathing treatments, so I use that time to be on-line. Hugs to All! Terri M.

Thank you for accepting this very important role, Terri!

For anyone interested in learning more about who our volunteer mentors are and what they do, here’s some quick information.
– About our Moderators and Mentors
– Mentors: A critical ingredient for Mayo Clinic Connect

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