My neurologist from Tampa referred me to Mayo in Jacksonville

Posted by joannemm30809 @joannemm30809, Sep 23 7:22am

I received a call from a Mayo clinic employee who was discussing my referral by my neurologist to see a neurologist-possible autonomic nervous system disorder etc.

The employee took my info and said as far as me getting an appointment I was being put on a one year waiting list!! ONE YEAR WAITING LIST. OMG.

I've been suffering for almost two years. Many days I feel so badly all over that I just can not function. Enjoyment of life is long gone.

Yet now I have to wait one more year to even be seen by a Mayo doctor. God help me. This IS A neverending NIGHTMARE.

Oh well. Seems a few of my posts with questions to others never gets any responses.


Hello – First as someone that lives with several neurological conditions, I can understand the frustration. Especially when a potential diagnosis is made. Having to live with that as well as the daily – well hell – isn’t great.
Did -your doc in Tampa do an actual referral to a specific doc? Sometimes if there is a specific doc you can try for might work better. Did the doc call to discuss and layout the NEED to be seen ASAP? We’re there specific specialist that were recommended?
What I did = googled my condition and specialists at mayo Jacksonville to get some docs to specifically call and pleas my case. Also – a good place for your doc in Tampa to try and work with as well.
Have you gotten with a patient advocate? They might bee able to help get in sooner.
There are also some Mayo satellite offices that you might be able to check out?
You can call the main number and ask for them 904-923-2000.
If you were to lay out the main thing that would make your life better – what would that be. Reason I bring it up.- I’d you feel relief from pain is a big thing – check into seeing a pain management person? That would get you in the system and might make it easier to get in?

Stay engaged here – many of us are patients and jump in when / where we can. It is frustrating when you want someone to hear but no one answers. We are here!!!

You are not alone living with medical situations and can many times ask why and feel like no one understands. While I can’t understand exactly what you live with I can understand the need get answers and help.

Hope this might help.
I have found this Mayo Connetct to be a good place to seek and many times find help from others living with similiar conditions and their experiences.
***The moderators might be able tp match you up with others with this particular condition to share experiences first hand.

Larry H.

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