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Eva L. Hart

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My name is Eva L. Hart. I give for free my CSW [...]

Posted by @evalhart, Dec 19, 2013

My name is Eva L. Hart.

I give for free my CSW Tinnitus Cure Sound here because of the compassion I found during my time of medical surgery need.

I discovered a cure for my mild case of Tinnitus that I would like to share here. I play the piano and knew Bach created Counter melodies thus giving me the idea to use counter sounds to my eardrum. I bought a plastic T-shaped toy air balloon with a little bell inside. Surprisingly,it was the squeaky sound of handle I noticed softened my mild case of Tinnitus. I can barely hear it a lot. Other sounds are very soft and pleasant and non-bothersome like a clock.

Moreover, it is complicated in that when doctor gave me Fluticasone nasal spray it moved my Tinnitus to my eardrum and made sound louder.

Moreover, it needs more Research and clinical trials and I would want FDA approval. As of July 24,10 it still works wonderfully. A Recorder works beautifully as well. I hope someday everyone can benefit from my Countersoundwave (CSW) Tinnitus Cure Sound. Here is my CSW Tinnitus Cure “Sound”.

People suffer horribly from Tinnitus as lady on internet said she just about cannot take it anymore and man said he suffers horribly with Tinnitus. My Surgeon Dr.told me a man committed suicide. Others told me they have bad Tinnitus cases.

Compassionately we must alleviate suffering and pain. This a common condition and 1in 5 people get this Tinnitus as Mayo Clinic says on website I’ve read. I hope doctors here will do Research on my CSW Tinnitus Cure sound. It is a wealth of information in understanding Tinnitus.

Furthermore, Phd,Dr. David Dowdy,now at John Hopkins Hospital,Baltimore,Md has noted in record that anyone interested in my CSW Tinnutus Cure sound can contact him or others st San Francisco General Hospital,Ca when he was my doctor in past.

Eva Lauris Hart San Francisco,Ca.


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