my mom is sick w out diagnosis

Posted by calendargirl7 @calendargirl7, May 1, 2023

My mom has been sick ever since taking care of my aunt 4 yrs ago, my aunt past away 3 yrs ago n today was her bday (may 1) my mom has something that constantly comes out of her pores thru out her whole body, her face especially, even her eyelids n I believe her scalp too. She's been to the Dr n done a CBC and also given a nostral culture. Her Dr. Told her she has a bladder infection n gave her amoxicillin 2 diff times to get rid of it, it didn't do anything. I also took care of my aunt but I'm fine. My aunt had cervical cancer n then had a brain tumor n then blood turned ceptic n we lost her at age 70. Has anyone heard of this? Is it some kind of parasite? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated, thank you so very much for your time n help.

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Perhaps a google search might shed some light on it...good luck.


@calendargirl7 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am saddened to hear your mother has been dealing with an undiagnosed issue for so long! Are you located near a large teaching hospital or a Mayo Clinic campus, that she can get a complete workup of testing? What is the "something that comes out of her pores", like?


Has she been tested for Lyme?


Has she been to a dermatologist or infectious disease doctor? Hugs & Prayers....

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