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Posted by jtannen1 @jtannen1, May 10, 2017

Hello everybody please help share my kidney page Joshua’s Fight 4 A Kidney so that I may try getting some donors. there is the link please check it out and share the page with people. Thank you

@jtannen1, As an organ recipient, I have experienced the frustration of waiting; and the fear of the unknown; and the miserable experience of failing health. Because of this I feel that I can understand your plea to get the word out about your need for a donor. However, I am not sure that Connect is the forum to achieve that purpose.

We are here on Connect to share our experiences and to support each other by online conversations. With this in mind, I encourage you to ‘connect’ with some of our members who might share what you are going thru. We have some members who have been living donors, and some who have received organ transplants from living donors. They might be able to share their experiences about how it happened for them.
There are many discussions here in Transplant Discussion and also in Kidney and Bladder Discussion that you might look at. If you have a specific question, perhaps I can help you to locate that discussion thread.

When I was waiting for my transplant, I used to dream of things that I wanted to do when I got better. Josh, do you have any dreams of what you look forward to doing after you get that transplant? I am hopeful that you will be able to live these dreams.



@jtannen1, Josh, When I was walking this morning, and enjoying my quiet reflective time, you came to my mind. While I do not actually know you, I feel that I care about you deeply and I am hoping and praying for you to get that transplant call when the time is right for a donor match.
Hugs and Patience,

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