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My husband suffered an internal bleed, due to treatment with warfarin, resulting in a hematoma

Posted by @sonny64 in Physical Therapy & Rehab, Feb 17, 2015

My husband suffered an internal bleed resulting in a 7 x 14 cm hematoma inside his pelvic area. The bleed was due to treatment with warfarin. He fainted at home and I had him transported to the ER. The hospital doctor ordered an abdominal CT Scan and discovered the hematoma. He was immediately given Vitamin K and 2 units of fresh frozen plasma to stop the bleeding.

The hematoma is sitting directly on top of his psoas muscle which controls the lifting of the thigh. He is very immobile right now. The hematoma has travelled to where it presents a large terrible bruise on his side.

The physical therapist today said we needed to do therapy at home as tolerated and wait for the hematoma to be absorbed by the body. Until the hematoma is absorbed his left leg is pretty useless.

I am wondering if anyone has experienced something similar and if so, how long did it take for the hematoma to resolve?

His pain is not horrific now but there is a constant dull nagging pain and he can't move around in bed. He doesn't have the strength to roll onto his side. So nighttime and bed provokes agitation and anxiety. He hasn't been able to sleep at all. He is 76 but a very youthful 76. He is not particularly physically active but he is passionate about his hobbies and life and this immobility and weakness is tough on his mental health. The PCP gave him some Ambien to try tonight to see it that helps.

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