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My husband, Mike, 67 years of age has recently been diagnosed with

Posted by @peggysue in Just Want to Talk, Jan 16, 2012

My husband, Mike, 67 years of age has recently been diagnosed with Chronic Monocytic Leukemia. His monocytes are 41%, but his red blood cells and hemoglobin are ok. He has recently had a left hip replacement,
a terrible kidney stone attack, and a stone removed from his bile duct which now contains a stint that is due to be
removed in the next couple of weeks.
We are told that there is no cure for this, and if the monocytes increase, he could be put on Vidaza which would
destroy not only the monocytes, but the red cells and hemoglobin as well. They also do not feel he is a good
candidate for a bone marrow transplant because of his age. We are told to live each day and get blood tests every
2 weeks and when the counts change, a decision will be made as to what can be done. Our next appointment is with a Bone Marrow Specialist to get her opinion as to whether he could be a candidate for a bone marrow transplant before his leukemia becomes acute and whether a donor would be available. I wondered why they are even doing this and they said it is very involved and they want to be prepared if Mike in fact could have this transplant.
We are working with a team of doctors out of Rush Prebysterian Hospital in Chicago. They are highly recommended, but the news is pretty discouraging. We have considered getting another opinion and Mayo has been very strongly recommended to us. We will be in The Villages in Florida the month of March and wondered if we could possibly come in to be evaluated while we are there.
Please let me know what you think. If you need additional information, I will gladly provide it. Peg Majewski

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