My husband inherited hemochromatosis. His mental condition is scaring me.

Posted by deana @concord, May 26, 2015

My husband inherited hemochromatosis , diagnosis about a yr. ago. That required taking a pint of blood
every week. He is down to about 4 or 5 months. He developed pains in his stomach and an achy body, lost
about 25 pounds. He looks 10 yrs older (he was a young 74 yr old). He has been diagnosed with chirrosis.
He has had his stomached drained 4 times, about every 3 weeks. He acts confused. It is affecting his brain.
In the past few days he has started to eat, but his mental condition is scaring me. any thoughts????

Hi @concord,

It has been a while since you first posted on Connect. I’d also like to connect you to other members who have talked about hemochromatosis on Connect. Please meet @danni3ee1 @kinde @butta @sandyk32.

How is your husband doing? How are you doing?

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