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My husband had hip revision surgery last March.

Posted by @Adrainpalmer, Jan 10, 2016

My husband had hip revision surgery last March. He was left mostly paralyzed in that leg. It’s been 10 months of pt and he has improved and walks with a walker. He had severe bone loss so there was doubt that it was going to hold. Last X-ray sept 2014 dr said walker or cane see u in March. Well nov pt evaluation the realist said something not right. He twisted leg and my husband felt something pop. Wa down for days because of pain. He thought it was just the usual pain from surgery only worse because of the pt twisting and evaluating. Hence just got in to see dr only to discover cup has moved and turned, and 1 of the screws is broken sticking sideways. Dr says 2 months to order new custom made part. Well it’s 9 weeks before surgery only to find out its 3 weeks to make it. It all comes down to he only does 1 of these 1 a week. Get inline. Has anyone had this new plate and cup put in at mayo. I have called to get opinion from dr he saw there before the surgery to see what his opinion is. The dr is the best in this area but waiting over 2 months in pain seems unfair . What are the results of this surgery please? Thanks


Hi @Adrainpalmer,

Welcome to Connect. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s complications and the pain he has and is dealing with. It can help to connect with other patients. You may wish to post a message to @Cjropes and @SNUGGLE on this thread:

It’s tough being in such pain. What pain management guidance has your husband been given?

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I just had a hip replacement I am 50 , it was the anterior approach and I would like to know if anyone has gone through this and what was their experience.

Hi @learningtolive2,
Welcome to Connect. I moved your message to this thread started by @Adrainpalmer so you could connect. You may also want to look at the posts by @mardigras and @Cjropes who have had surgery or are considering it.

When did you have your hip replacement done and how is the recovery going?
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Why did he need revision surgery? I broke my hip august 2016 and still on walker. My dr. Mentioned hav>ng to take out rod and pens and redo it. Was this his problem?

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