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My husband had an accident and suffered from cronic back pain (from

Posted by @ag, Sep 23, 2011

My husband had an accident and suffered from cronic back pain (from 1(best) to 10(worst), he is in constant 9, and often in a 10, screaming of pain at night, unable to sleep, etc,etc.. Three years of hell for him, and I can’t find anyone to talk about it.. It is not an obvious disability, so it is very socially judged and missunderstood. I am so tired of it. Have a little 8.5 year old, I can’t work full time, can’t go anywhere, no parents/siblings from either side, and the few friends think we are sort of wierd.. not working full time either of us, is a real no no in my circle.. But I just couldn’t handle it and it is getting worse; the mood changes are wild, the stress; his depression, etc, etc, etc.. Patches are so strong, he is a high for 2 hours, and then withdrawal for 1 to 2 days.. And have been told by all doctors, there is nothing they can do – Nerve damage in the rooth – in the accident at work; agrevated by scar tissue around it, after an operation (everything from accupunture to epidurals bi-monthly was tried, nothing works).
– a non well known disability, hard to live with. Anyone here can relate to this? Will be lovely to talk to someone that know what I am talking about.


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