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My husband had a tumor on his kidney and had the whole

Posted by @debjoe in Just Want to Talk, Oct 4, 2011

My husband had a tumor on his kidney and had the whole kidney removed and no other cancer was observed anywhere else at the time of his operation. He did get to go on a clinical trial for Sunitibib/surfanib for a year and was definately on one of those drugs. He had cat scans and MRI's every 3-6 months and was watched very closely but his cancer returned to his lungs within six months. More lesions grew with every cat scan and now he has many and they tried IL2 (Interleukin) with an in the hospital stay for a two week treatment. His lesions still grew and mulitplied and now we are at out wits ends cause he has no symptoms but just looks drained. Try to see if your doctor can get you on a clinical trial at some point but watchful waiting is what they do every six months. Stay as healthy as you can and do everything you can to exercise and eat properly so your immune system can fight if it needs to. Best of luck! DEB @merilyncline

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