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My Health crashed about 5 years ago and after a lot of

Posted by @mepslissy in Just Want to Talk, Oct 23, 2012

My Health crashed about 5 years ago and after a lot of tests they find Mast Cell disease. I have cronic inflamation of tendons and facia and wonder if it is Mast cell too. I am told Eosinophilic facitis. and there is treatment for that.
These problems blew up after an auto accident inwhich I was seriously injured and refused medical assistance by Washington state. Moved back to Oregon and found my uterus was twisted around and jamed into left pelvis. The overy was behind it. Large and small pollops and ovarian cyst. (I have had Overian cyst after being trampled by a bull as a teen) I want a hysterectomy.
Between the blood poison and infection the mast cell disease has taken over. I beleive if I got rid of the cronicaly infected and battered uteris, the mast cell disease would die back down.
I also wonder about sinus infection and mold or other infectuos something lodged in my sinuses( as smoke inhilation and not being protected from dusts and such durring abaitment proceedures at my housing) has been the cause of mast cell disease flair.

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