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My friend is taking muscle relaxers with Prozac...

Posted by @nmyoung94, Feb 8, 2013

This girl I’m friends with is 17 years old. She suffers from major anxiety and is prescribed to Prozac to deal with the anxiety attacks and other problems she faces. Maybe I’m overreacting or being too protective but I’m not crazy about Prozac for people my age because of the suicide risks. But that’s not the point…

Anyway she’s on Prozac, but last night she also told me she takes muscle relaxers sometimes to relax or fall asleep… So I’m pretty sure she is taking them “just because” or to run from her problems or something along those lines. She’s NOT on a prescription for them — her mom is, and her mom is apparently okay with her taking them. I don’t know what type they are but it sounds like she takes a few everytime she takes them…

Is it safe to take relaxers when she’s not on a prescription at such a young age, ON TOP of taking Prozac? I’m really worried about her. If it isn’t safe, what can I do to help her?

Thanks in advance…


Ann Heaney

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Posted by @annheaney, Feb 13, 2013

You and your friend are going through tense tiimes – especially your friend. I just went swimming and feel more relaxed.

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