My five year old daughter has a condition of seizure

Posted by Vereine Caines @vereine, Sep 13, 2014

She was has her first seizure when she was six months old and it was triggered by a fever. Following those two events the seizures turned into generalized convulsion. She’s on depakene 12ml and zonogran 125mg twice daily, now she’s having absence seizures and I’m not even sure when she’s having them because she’s unable to express herself. I am out of options and need help to prevent more developmental delays.

Dear Vereine – I apologize for the delayed response to your post. Unfortunately we cannot give medical advice over the internet. However I will include several links below that may provide helpful information and information about how to request an appointment to see one of our pediatric epilepsy specialists.

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Epilepsy Content Pages:

Epilepsy Diagnosis:

Pediatric Epilepsy Webinar (recorded):

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