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My father is having prostate surgery - needs advice

Posted by @yarusskaya, Oct 29, 2011

My father is 64 and overseas and is really in need of advice about what prostate surgery to get.
His prostate volume is at 91 cubic. Seven years ago it was at 80 cubic. He took Cardura XL 4 mg plus Avodart. Last year his prostate volume jumped from 80 to 91 cubic.
He feels very bad. Any cold infection immediately affects his prostate, causing slow urination. Three weeks ago he was very bad and doctor placed a catheter in his urethra. One hour later he felt much better and stronger. The catheter was in for seven days and caused severe pain and an infection in urethra. The doctors removed the catheter. Four days later my father stopped urinating and the doctor put a catheter in the urethra for one day. The next day they took him to the hospital and put the catheter through his stomach. The doctor is waiting for 10 days until his urethra is OK for prostate surgery.
He is drinking 2 litre of water per day and urinating through the catheter. He wants to urinate normally but it hurts a lot. He has been taking Ciproflocsacin 0.5 two times a day for six days. He is discussing with his doctor what kind of prostate surgery to have (TURP or open prostatectomy). His surgery is scheduled between November 10th to 20th of this year (2011).
He has one stent in his heart since 2000 and got a second one placed in 2007. His last angiogram was in April 2011 and showed everything was OK. His blood pressure is normal and no allergies for any medicine. One week ago they did a colonoscopy and it was also OK. One week ago they also did a CT scan for the lower abdomen. It showed an enlarged prostate. Blood test for PSA was 1.8 this month. Free PSA test made in July 2011 showed 0.41. He also had a lower abdominal and rectal sonoscopy twice. No cancer cells found in the bladder.
My father is looking for an opinion of what surgery would be the best in his situation. Thank you so much.

Yelena K.



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Posted by @krunch, Nov 28, 2011

This reply may be to late but I made the decision to have HOLEP rather than the TURP and am happy that I did. It is now 6 months after my surgery and I have no urination problems.

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