My en&t is doing some testing on some hormone levels of the [...]

Posted by Roxie @dixie2013, Jan 25, 2015

My en&t is doing some testing on some hormone levels of the endocrine glands, but he may send me to a endocrinologist. I was hoping, though, you might could give me a few ideas of what I might be looking at. I have been doing that and have probably come up with too many to count. So if you can narrow it down a little. I would appreciate it. My symptoms are horrible heat intolerance, sweating, and during the summer the sweating is awful. I can not afford to set the temp in my home to 65 where it must stay in the winter and I can not sit under a ceiling fan or in front of a box fan because I have asthma. I sweat so bad my hair is dripping wet with sweat in no time after I get up. The summers are unbearable and I can’t wait till the winter. I wear just a light duster in the winter and everyone is freezing too death. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but my tongue swells…makes it difficult to speak, can’t get my words out, sounds like I have a very pronounced “lisp.” My tongue will sit between the teeth in the back instead down in the middle where it should. I also bite my lip all the time. It is quite painful. My voice has changed. I have never had anything like this. Also, I do seem to loose my balance from time to time, but I have just had a lot of tests run and have a number of orthopedic problems in a lot of joints, which would account for that. I am 61 yrs. old, but when I was 15 or 16 yrs old and I don’t remember why, back then everything wasn’t so specialized. Dr. Ed Landry M.D. from New Iberia, LA was about the best you can find anywhere. He told me to always watch for any problems from my endocrine glands. The way he said it, it sounded like it might be serious. So I have. Again, I have no idea why! I am sure this is some thing that is sooo uncommon no one would have it, but me, but can you shed any light on this while I wait on some results my doctor ordered. T/Y so much, Roxie!!!!!

Roxie I am having thyroid issues and I sweat all the time have a coarse feeling throat voice changes. They found a cyst on my thyroids rather large that makes me have pain and anxiety but they said it was benign which I praise the Lord for, but it doesn’t make the symptoms any less. I pray u find an answer because not knowing is a bad symptom to me.

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