Questions about Reclast for osteoporosis.

Posted by phoebejo @phoebejo, Apr 16, 2016

My endocrinologist has recently recommended Reclast for my osteoporosis. I have TMJD and also type 2 diabetes which I believe puts me at greater risk for a heart condition. My research indicates that side effects of Reclast can do damage to the heart (atrial fibrillation) and bone disfuregurement in the jaw. I. Would like to know when Reclast was introduced and the efficacy stated in percentages. I have seen information that indicates fatal outcomes for small numbers but nothing to compare that too in terms of successful treatment.

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Hi @phoebejo, and welcome to Connect. I found some information on Reclast from Mayo Clinic that I think you may find helpful ( I’m also going to talk with a Mayo pharmacist regarding your specific questions, as I’m not a medically trained professional.

I’m tagging @pkd1 and @nancymc, as these two members have shared their experiences with Reclast.

Is there a specific reason your doctor recommended Reclast? How is your current treatment plan going?

I have taken Reclast infusions for the last 3 years, which is the maximum
no. of doses until more studies are done. I experienced no side effects,
but I don’t have cardiac or diabetic issues. I have osteoarthritis &
osteoporosis, as far as bone/joint diagnoses go and am a 66 year old Asian
female, 5’2.5″, & 125 lbs. I have had slight increases in bone density in
my left hip & spine.
My MD plans to start me on Prolia injections this year.

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